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Open the links of Ember Output and Angular Output, given above. Now type something in the input box. You will see the databinding is really nice with both the frameworks. Now Click the render button of each framework app and let the elements to render. Now try to write something in the input box.

You will find, in case of Ember the data binding is really smooth and real time. While the Angular one is stuck; or you can say really slow to bind the objects. This is because, while rendering the elements Ember put an observer to each elements. So whenever the value of an element is changed, it directly pings the control and ember handles the databinding very nicely. But as Angular follows the Dirty Checking to find the change, so it has to scan each and every element with its previous value to find whose value has been changed. That’s why Angular is taking so much time.

Ember Output: VIDA Leather Statement Clutch soft pink by VIDA S729l

Angular Output: VIDA Leather Accent Tag Charlies Angels by VIDA FuqTDTg

Ember Editable: VIDA Foldaway Tote Spring Flurry by VIDA 1YVYz

Angular Editable: VIDA Statement Bag London Summer Bag by VIDA Q39yHyPK

Let’s say I have 400 objects in my App. And I want to continuously update them. The change will be made to all those elements with a time interval.

Open the links of Ember Output and Angular Output, given above. You will find 400 elements there on each example. Now click on the buttons “Animate with EmberJS” and “Animate with AngularJS”. Look at the animations carefully.

You will find, the Ember animations are not as smooth as the angular one. This is because, in case of angular, what is does is, it first changes the values of all 400 elements, and after that the $apply() function is called, and the view is changed. But in case of ember, it takes the help of observers. So whenever a value is changed, the corresponding view is also changed. This is similar to call the $apply() function 400 times.

In my VIDA Tote Bag a yin yang black red by VIDA 2BGmIyXQ
also I’ve said that you can never say a framework is good or bad. It all depends on your app. According to the app you have to choose the framework. In case of performance also it’s same. If you have to make the bootstrapping of the app faster, angular may be good, but for quick response among lots of elements ember will go handy. Consider the app’s size, need, response factors, then choose your framework; this is the only way to get great performance.

After months of discussion on how to structure an expanded program, with guidance from the leadership of both organizations, the foundation agreed to double the award’s endowment in order to extend eligibility to journalists worldwide. With the prospect of significantly more submissions, the new endowment also doubled the number of awards in each category and increased their value. We now offer a Gold Award worth $5,000 and a Silver Award worth $3,500 in each category.

“Like scientific discovery, excellent science journalism can happen anywhere in the world,” said current AAAS CEO Rush Holt in the announcement of the expansion on May 5, 2015. “By recognizing the world’s best science news reporting, AAAS and The Kavli Foundation are working to build a culture of respect for the value of science journalism to society, while promoting public understanding of science more broadly.”

A tidal wave

Since we usually begin soliciting entries for the contest in early May, the timing of the announcement was daunting. We quickly updated the eligibility guidelines, contest rules, and award descriptions. We also began an aggressive effort to solicit entries from abroad, including contacting 51 member groups associated with the World Federation of Science Journalists. We sent a series of emails to more than 6,000 reporters who were registered with the Novica Cotton handbag Pop of Red 3tNiy4tQD
service of AAAS.

We expected a surge of entries in the weeks following the VIDA Statement Bag Lady Asia Bag by VIDA 5UOqbqSXX
. And it was, in fact, a tidal wave. By the August 1 submission deadline, we had received more than 1,100 entries from 44 countries, nearly twice as many entries as the year before. About 40 percent of them were from journalists working for international outlets. (We required English translations for pieces done in languages other than English, but offered limited translation services to entrants for whom providing a translation would be a hardship.)

We called on veteran judges and members of the Managing Committee—all of them senior science journalists—to help winnow the huge number of entries prior to submitting them to review for scientific accuracy by the Washington-area scientists who volunteer to help out. We boosted the number of these screeners (to nearly 70 in all) and also recruited international judges with ties to international outlets—two from The Guardian , one from Nature and one from Deutsche Presse-Agentur, the German news agency—for the independent judging panels.


June 27, 2018 | Joe Fylan

Remarketing allows you to target ads at those who’ve engaged with your business in some way. By displaying ads to individuals who have already visited your site, completed a free membership trial, viewed your page on social media, or joined your mailing list, you ensure your ads reach a target audience, which increases the likelihood of membership sign-ups, as well as keeps ad costs down.

So, should you run ads on Facebook or Google? It depends. In this article, we look at the remarketing ad features both Facebook and Google offer, and help you decide which service is right for your membership site. Let’s get started.

Facebook Remarketing

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involves displaying Facebook ads to current customers, past clients, or those who have shown an interest in your business or website. Advertising on a social network can be extremely beneficial, as social proof (being present on social media) is what leads customers to trust a brand or to try a product or service. Let’s take a look at some of the noteworthy points of Facebook remarketing.

Ad Reach

Facebook Ads are targeted at audiences on Facebook, Instagram, and Dolce amp; Gabbana Leo printed leather clutch fF09lfGE
. Facebook now has over VIDA Tote Bag Moon Phase Tote by VIDA rFNTS
using their platform monthly, and over 500 million Instagrammers use that app every day. Therefore, the likelihood that your target audience is present and will be exposed to your ads on these channels is high.

Ad Formats

Facebook gives you a range of ad types to select from, including:

Ad Sources

To create a remarketing ad campaign on Facebook, first create a VIDA Statement Clutch Snob by VIDA MyjKbLBgVj
, or target audience of those who have already interacted with your business. By creating Custom Audiences, you’ll reach and reconnect with these potential customers or clients through Facebook ads.

Facebook uses customer information you provide or that can be collected via the Facebook Pixel or SKD, to “source” the data used for your Custom Audiences. Let’s have a look at these sources in more detail.

Contact Lists : One option is to display Facebook ads to people you already have contact information for, i.e., email addresses or phone numbers, to create a Custom Audience. Whenever these individuals are present on Facebook, your remarketing ads appear in their news feed.

Website Visitors : Another option is to create a Custom Audience of those who have already visited your website. To do this, install the Facebook Pixel , a snippet of code, on your website. Facebook can then track website visitors and display your ads to them.

Facebook Pixel data can also be used to further target your remarketing campaign, aiming specific ads at users who have performed a particular action on your website—i.e., viewed your landing page—but did not subscribe to your membership site. By reconnecting with this audience through Facebook ads, you encourage them to revisit your website, increasing the chance of a sign-up.

App Users : You can also use Facebook to target those who use your app. To do so, install a snippet of code in your app, called Novica Batik cotton tote handbag Azure Zigzag EwJdNR
. You can then remarket to this Custom Audience via your Facebook ads.

As you can see, in creating the right Custom Audiences, you ensure your Facebook ads are reaching those who have an interest in, or have already engaged with, your membership site in some way.

Let’s next look at Google remarketing and find out how it compares.

Google Remarketing

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provides an effective remarketing service, though with some notable differences from Facebook.

Ad Reach

One of the crucial benefits of Google AdWords is its large-scale reach. The people on your remarketing lists can be reached on over, Dsquared2 Black mesh neoprene carryall wXb3D
, and ads can be displayed on numerous devices. This ensures that even if people leave your membership site, you can still reach them and promote your website.

Ad Formats

There are a number of ways to remarket with Google AdWords:

Depending on your VIDA Statement Clutch Garden Walk by VIDA dKeUYulu
and goals, you can create text, photo, video, or app ads. Ad features can include customized layouts, interactive elements, animations, links, and much more.

Ad Sources

Another plus to choosing Google AdWords is the number of sources you can select your audience from. Ads can target people from a pregenerated contact list, people who have visited your website or app, as well as anyone who has engaged with your content on YouTube. Let’s look at these audience sources in more detail:

Customer Data : Upload customer contact details, like email addresses, and then remarket ads while they browse Google Search, use Gmail, and more.

So, Which One?

The remarketing service you choose very much depends on your membership site’s niche and audience. Let’s summarize some of the key areas we have mentioned to help you decide:

Now that you have a decent understanding of how remarketing works on both Facebook and Google, which service will you choose?

AdWords Tag
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ViacampesinaTV: the new open hub of sounds and images from the broad food sovereignty movement ! Keep sending us your images and audio recordings from the food struggles everywhere in the world.
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En la Escuela Latinoamericana de Agroecología (ELAA), en Lapa, celebrando su décimo aniversario de funcionamiento y paralelo al desarrollo del curso de formación política del Cono sur que allí se realiza, se llevó a cabo el seminario de Agroecología Cloc – Vía Campesina, del 28 de junio al 1º de julio, del cual ofrecemos los siguientes testimonios.

A más de 20 años de formación política de la Cloc - Vía Campesina y con el objetivo de establecer líneas políticas que ayuden a reafirmar un plan de acción común de agroecología de los distintos procesos de la formación en las organizaciones, es que se reunieron los Institutos de Agroecología de Latinoamérica (IALAs) y escuelas agroecológicas emergentes.

En el seminario se presentaron las experiencias de los IALAs y nuevos procesos, entre ellos la Escuela Latinoamericana de Agroecología (ELAA); la Escuela Nacional Florestan Fernándes; IALA Amazónico y Escuela Milton Santos, presentes en Brasil; IALA Paulo Freire de Venezuela; IALA Guaraní de Paraguay; la Universidad Campesina (UNICAM) de Argentina; IALA José María Cano de Colombia; IALA mujeres Chile; la Escuela Campesina Francisco Morazán de Nicaragua y la Escuela Nacional de Agroecología (ENA) de Ecuador.

Los debates giraron en torno al sentido de la formación, metodologías, contenidos, mallas curriculares, comités políticos pedagógicos y difusión, además de visibilizar las dificultades y proyecciones. En ese sentido algunas de las definiciones que se establecieron en este encuentro son que la formación política en cada proceso, en Cloc – Vía Campesina, deba propender a la formación permanente y contribuya a la vivencia de una nueva ética y nueva moral hacia la emancipación humana desde una perspectiva de género.

Las comunicadoras Viviana Catrileo y Nadia López, de Chile y Paraguay respectivamente, dialogaron al respecto para este informe de Radio Mundo Real.

En la oportunidad también se visitaron y realizaron trabajos voluntarios en algunas de las experiencias de producción agroecológica que hay entre los asentados. Así como también el colectivo de participantes al seminario, compartieron espacios culturales y de mística con los estudiantes de la ELAA y con los niños y niñas de la Escuela municipal do campo contestado, en donde estudian los hijos de los asentados, militantes de luchadores del Movimiento Sin Tierra, MST. Precisamente, la dirigente de dicho Movimiento, Itelvina Massioli, también reflexionó sobre la importancia de la agroecología para la organización campesina continental.

Los audios y testimonios que acompañan esta nota fueron recabados en Paraná, Brasil por el equipo de comunicadoras de CLOC-Vía Campesina allí presentes.


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